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What others say

“The landing page you wrote converted at an average 12% for the first page and the upsell page converted at 33%. With these numbers, now we have a new (higher!) baseline to compare future campaigns against. Thank you!”
Kayla Hughes, Hughes Private Capital

“We are thrilled with your writing, your style, your work ethic and your work! We are so grateful for all you did for us, researching, interviewing, guiding us gently but persuasively, and leading the project and giving us our marketing approach, which, presented in your style, is open and warm, friendly, intelligent and magnetic. You got it. You got it even better than we could express. Thank you so very much!”
– Theresa Yutzy, President, The Hardwood Flooring Company

“Before your email promo, our sleeper product usually generated around $3,000-$4,000 a month in revenues. We ran your email promo to an outside list and generated $38,000 the first month for a near 1266% increase in revenue. We’re excited to see what you’ll do for us next!”
– Helen Buttery, Marketing Director & COO, Dr. Sears’s Center for Health & Wellness

“Exceptional….I was incredibly pleased with turn around time. I feel your communication skills were outstanding.  You asked many, many questions to try to figure out me and the feel of the copy.  You are up front, reliable and straight to the point.  The questions you asked help me become more clear in my thinking and in what direction I wanted to go.  Being new to hiring a copywriter I truly value the questioning, since I didn’t always know what to ask.  I felt a true sense from you that this wasn’t just another project for you, but that you were truly on my side and in my corner wanting the very best for me and my new site. That’s a wonderful feeling to have as a client!”
– Kim Cook, Founder, The Body’s Energy

“You came to us highly recommended, and we have been more than satisfied with your services.  You clearly understand your business, which is to get a good understanding of who we are, and then represent that image in words for the website we are now creating.  I have been very impressed with your quick sense and your ability to convey our best side in ways that only a professional can.  Your well crafted words are clearly going to assist prospective clients who come to our website, in their efforts to find what it is that they are looking for there quickly.   Thank you very much.”
– Mark Sutherlin, President, Sunshine Service Brake & Alignment

“You did for me what I never took the time to do, ie.  took a hard look at every word, sentence and paragraph of my website.  Because of the type of products I sell, it is important that I be in compliance with FDA regulations, and also not to make false claims, even if unintended.  Your advice regarding placement [of] information, pictures, etc. was invaluable as the new web site was developed.  Since then, sales have increased about 10% and I have received many compliments from customers regarding the clarity and understanding of the syntax…

I think you complete work very quickly considering how complex some of it is. One of the things I have appreciated the most is your ability to not take any suggestions personally.  I feel like you have the success of me and my business at heart and really care.  That is what makes you special.”
– Dorla Salling, President, K9Medicinals.com

“Working with Brenda has been a dream! She came in excited to hit the ground running, already having done research of our company and industry even before we met. We were starting from behind scratch on our brand messaging and now we have a wonderful voice and tone for all our products, presentations, and advertising – with more to come.

Absolutely wonderful to collaborate with, great at taking direction, yet always bringing something new and relevant to the table, and turning our clunky words into fabulous copy that had us clapping for joy. Plus, her turnaround times had our heads spinning because she was so quick in our hour of dire need!” – Susan Mowers, Art Director, ETL Inc.

“Brenda can easily understand my needs. She is able to take my thoughts and my company’s message and put it out to the world in a easy to follow copy that allows for more of our future and current customers know our message and can get on board with it!”
– Phillip Terrazas, Sales & Marketing Director, Cynergy LLC

“Brenda is a magnificent person that works harder for you at promoting, branding, and imaging your business than sometimes even oneself does. Brenda was super professional and attentive to detail which as a CPA firm was the quality we wanted portrayed on our website. Through Brenda’s expertise, knowledge and insight, I am positive that a message of professionalism was conveyed by us and was always convened by Brenda. Brenda’s writing was targeted, impactful, and meaningful and added much clarity to a project that had been stuck in neutral for almost a year. Since reviewing, editing, and deploying our new website, we have had nothing but positive comments, reviews and feedback from current and future clients. Brenda was always on top of me and made sure we had a good turn around time on both her and my edits. Additionally, Brenda was super responsive with assisting on a last minute ad feature in a local publication and added insightful information and provided great feedback. Brenda will continue to be our go-to person for copywriting for all our advertising needs.”
– Brent Forbush, Audit and Accounting Manager, Forbush and Associates

“Brenda was engaged to assist us with writing copy for a marketing letter introducing my new free book, “What Every Virginia Woman Should Know about Divorce”, to 780  local therapists. The marketing letter to the therapists drew an initial response of 240 positive responses and a longer term total response of 311 responses. Essentially, we had a long term response rate of 40%.  We view that response as phenomenal!
– Charles R. Hofheimer, Hofheimer/Ferrebee, P.C.

“Brenda has a true gift for writing copy that grabs attention.  As a sales trainer, I was delighted to work with Brenda due to her outstanding customer service.  She worked diligently on my behalf, turnaround time was outstanding, and she was open to input willing to work with me.  It was a true pleasure working with you!”
– Elinor Stutz, CEO & Author, Smooth Sale

“My website home page was missing the mark.  Brenda’s ‘sales oriented’ writing helped to put my points across and get prospects to contact me to engage my services. My website attracted people – but very few people turned into clients. The sales copy overcame that by giving people a very short description of my services and made the benefits of my services more apparent. I’ve seen a steady increase in the number of potential clients that pickup the phone and just call me. I look forward to involving Brenda in my upcoming marketing projects.”
– JR Fent, Sr. Technical Recruiter, I-Hire, Inc.

“After meeting with you and listening to your ideas.  I was sold! [You] helped introduce me in a very unique vibrant way.  I’ve mailed 50 or so and I have received approximately 12 responses and have actually received 5 orders from 3 different lenders! I recommend your services to everyone I meet who needs a copywriter!”
– Kim Vasquez, Jr. Appraiser, Lewis Appraisal Service

“After interviewing you and discussing my needs, I chose to use your services largely due to your instinctive recognition of what I wanted and expected. Previously our materials were a hodgepodge of good stuff over the years, but didn’t pull all the ingredients of our message into a concise, well-branded package.  Your work professionally enhanced both our website and our materials in a clear, “to-the-point” communication for our prospects and site visitors…your newly-written material has given our team the ability to introduce our company in the manner we feel we’d like to be seen in the marketplace.  Our website mirrors our material in such a strong way that I believe it leaves a firm image to prospects, one that keeps our image somewhere in their consciousness, creating that brand ID we have been searching for.

I was impressed with your research of our company and its workings.  After your extensive investigation, it seemed as if your prep work made your copywriting quick and accurate and certainly what we wanted. I would not hesitate to collaborate with you again whenever I see the need.  My experience with you and your work has been an outstanding pleasure.  In today’s world one can feel apprehensive about offering a recommendation.  Not in your case.”
– Jim Knasiak, CEO, The NBF Group, Inc.

“Brenda is a very polished copywriter. She is creative and also able to grasp very quickly the concepts you are trying to get across and get them into words. I will definitely do more work with her.”
– Jim Lynn, VP Marketing, CC Communications

“Brenda is a no-nonsense writer who composes copy that SELLS…no fluff, just strong, results-oriented copy. She is great to collaborate with on projects and a valuable member to any team. I know when Brenda writes the copy for my design jobs, they are going to be successful sales tools!”
– Lori Kunder, President, Kunder Design Studio

“I developed clarity on what I had to offer clients and, how to word it briefly and more powerfully with an invitation to check me out. [Your copy helped me] go to a deeper expression of professionalism.  Clients are intrigued, impressed and my material is a big assist in expanding my business…you were patient, persistent and filled with questions for me which facilitated a breakthrough.”
– Richard Mantei, President, Mantei and Associates

“The thing I like about Brenda’s services is that she dives right into a project and knows how to extract information from our clients to enable her to create a message that is not only clever, but sells the product. Her professionalism and work ethic makes it simple to plug her right in as part of our team.”
– Lorne Buck, Partner, Studio G

“Working with Brenda was a great pleasure. I came to Brenda because I was having a difficult time writing about myself for my new business.  I thought it was going to be just as difficult talking about myself but chatting with Brenda was like chatting with a girlfriend over coffee.  She made me feel very comfortable and the copy she wrote for me showed my personality and voice.  I have every confidence my website copy will translate my voice and values to my clients and I have to thank Brenda for this.  I would, and have, recommended Brenda…she rocks!!”
– Tami Ritz, Realtor, Keller Williams

“Brenda is a highly skilled copywriter. I’ve worked with her on a variety of projects and appreciate her ability to zone in on creating copy that will drive results. She is strategic in her process and tailors each project to meet the needs of the client while paying close attention to positively affecting their bottom line. Brenda is enjoyable to work with, respectful of deadlines and timely with communication. I recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, professional copywriter.”
– Kaity Ocean, President, Ocean PR

“Brenda wrote fantastic copy for my new handbag campaign, both web based and print media. I’ve been very happy with her work and would certainly use her again if need be.”
– Kimberly Phipps-Nichol, Blue Water Studio

“Powerful copywriting that brings great results. Brenda is extremely creative & action oriented in bringing ideas to print. Brenda’s professional and personable character make working with her a pleasure.”
– Linda McLean, President, McLean International

“I am a person of few words. Thats why I hired Brenda. She has lots of words, words that worked great for me! I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Gary Pearl, Gary Pearl Photography