About Brenda…(and the Bird)

Brenda Do, Reno direct-response copywriter“I love sales. Not the gimmicky or in-your-face type of sales – the type that creates trust and credibility…”

So you build a mutually respectful relationship for repeat sales.

Before becoming a professional copywriter, I enjoyed a successful career selling for some industry leaders. I started off knocking on doors cold calling, then managed sales teams, and trained other sales professionals.

This means I’m a copywriter who does more than write—I write to sell. And I do it in a way that respects your company’s culture, voice, and brand.

I studied a master’s level course in direct response copywriting from one of the most recognized copywriting programs in the U.S. Then I spent a year and a half having brilliance mentally beat into me while I interned under the #1 direct-response copywriter in the nation. But really, he’s a nice guy. He’s just tougher than kryptonite and I’m thankful for it.

In 2005, I opened BL Copywriting to help companies make more money with their words.

I love showing business owners how to make more money by speaking to their prospects more persuasively. In addition to working with my clients, I speak and teach at various professional groups. And teach business owners through the University of Nevada Reno’s Extended Studies program.

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Brenda Do


“What’s with the bird?”BL Copywriting

I get that question a lot. Our logo is a raven and carries three meanings:


Meaning #1

In nearly every culture worldwide, from Norse to Chinese folklore, Ravens are represented as creatures who absorb, then distill the feelings and messages of human beings. Ravens are the great communicators who combine logic, knowledge and intuition to spread the voice of humanity. To me, that’s what a talented copywriter does too. Our raven’s beak opens slightly in speech. Her teal is a spiritual color symbolizing trustworthiness and honesty.


Meaning #2

Our bird is also a nod to the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. The book reminds us that our perceived limitations are only in our minds.


Meaning #3

If you read this far, you really want to know. The third reason is a bit cheeky and can be taken the wrong way if you don’t know my sense of humor. So you’ll have to contact me to find out. But I promise, there really is a third meaning…